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1990, 5 years old, my father gives me my first camera, it goes through the window…
1990, 5 years old, my father gives me my second camera and explains how to use it!

It was not like today, you didn't see what you were shooting, there was no memory card of three million tera… Nothing of that, but a complete mechanical and manual device with integrated cell (luxury).

I had miles of reels before I managed to get a good picture. I saw and analysed so many still and animated images before managing to release a broadcasted picture.

But today, we don't give a fuck, we look at pictures on screens smaller than my freshly born daughter' socks. Yeah, she's born in this world where the visual quality is no longer appropriate. So yes, I'll be told that I don't live with my time, but fuck, look well (utopia) what you see, be critical, and maybe in 20 years, we won't be invaded by the images of the other whore who makes a fucking selfie at the seaside with her overpriced breasts, and Jean-Kevin who shouts at her that they are going to be late for the premiere of "The Chtis against the Marseillais 47"…

So yes, it isn't just an artist's description, it's also my constatation of shit that I can see right now. And if you don't like my fuckin' pictures, at least I know they are made with love, delicacy, and my ideas I assume, so go fuck yourself!


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